After Dark @ All Saints in 2018 Thanks to everyone who participated !!! With your support we raised over $ 21,000 for Outer Banks Charities
After Dark @ All Saints in 2018 Thanks to everyone who participated !!! With your support we raised over $ 21,000for Outer Banks Charities  


Join TRiO partner and cheese-monger JENNIFER MINNICH for a tasting of some of the best cheese in the country. Each summer at the American Cheese Society Conference, cheese makers from around the
nation submit their cheeses for judging and competition. This past summer, over 2,000 cheeses were entered! At this tasting students will get to try some of the Award Winners, learn about their styles and the stories behind just what makes them so wonderful. Wine will accompany the tasting. Wine will accompany the tasting. Class size is limited to 16 with an additional fee of $10. Thursday, Feb 1.
Over 1.2 million people in the US brew their own beer at home. This introductory course covers allthe steps needed to make your first home brewed beer. TOM WELCH has been an avid homebrewer for more than twenty years and has medaled in regional and national competitions. In 2013, he helped establish the OBX Homebrewers Club. Tom will show how a locally available beginner’s beer kit can be used to illustrate the process and discuss ingredients and how they are combined. Students will taste samples of locally made home brews. Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $5. Monday, Feb 12
CLASS 942 – WINE 101
Join Chef and Certified Level II Sommelier DAN LEWIS of Coastal Provisions for a crash course on wine. Discover the differences between grape varieties, regions, and values that make the world of wine such an enjoyable and endless adventure. The class will be packed with information from how wine is made, regional characteristics, and food pairings, to deciphering labels and restaurant wine lists. Best of all, you will taste while you discover. Plan on having dinner before class –it’s a “big agenda!” Class size is limited to 24 students with an additional fee of $10 for supplies. Tuesday, Jan 30.
Craft beer is a trend. We hear it all the time. But is it? Beer has been around for a long time, and it's not going anywhere. So what does the future hold? After all, beer IS history! Perhaps the past holds some clues. Join TRiO Beermonger JOHN MINNICH for a discussion of the history of beer - its origin, its role in society and culture, the role of the church and governmental agencies - and what that history means for the future. Of course, we'll supplement our discussion with living history, in the form of samples of historical beer styles to stimulate and enrich our discussion! Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $10. Tuesday, Feb 20.
KENNY HYMAN, an owner and wine buyer of TRiO in Kitty Hawk, has been in the business of wine on the Outer Banks since 2003. His retail shop is an inviting locale for folks to enjoy wines from all over the world. For this course, Kenny will provide a fun and informative tasting of five wines from around the world paired with cheeses from the same areas. Italy. There will be lots of good stories to accompany this tasting! Class size is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $20. Tuesday, Feb 19.


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