After Dark @ All Saints in 2017 After Dark 2017 has been completed Thanks for your participation!!! Watch for After Dark 2018 !!
After Dark @ All Saints in 2017 After Dark 2017 has been completedThanks for your participation!!!Watch for After Dark 2018 !!    

      Arts, Flowers, Crafts and                          Hobbies


Last year, many students had great fun decorating gourds and learning to dye using plants from this experienced gardener and craftsperson. This class will be a hands-on project taught by Dare Master Gardeners MARY KEITH LILLY and CHRISTINE STADTHER.  Students will create a desert dish garden using provided containers, soil, and plants. This course has recently been offered at the Baum Center and proved quite popular. Along with creating the dish garden, participants will learn about cultural requirements for succulents. This class will fill up fast! Class size is limited to 14 with an additional fee of $12. Thursday, Feb 9



Local Landscape Architect JIM CONNERS returns to After Dark to offer a class exploring the use of native plants in our local environment. Jim has worked in site planning, parks and recreation design, landscape design and consulting for over 30 years, with 22 of those on the Outer Banks.  He will present a wealth of information that includes examples of plants considered native to our area, the pros and cons of using them, where they can be obtained, and which natives do best in each of the different micro-zones, stretching from sound-side to oceanfront. Tuesday, Feb 14




For award winning local photographer EVE TUREK, Mindful Nature Photography involves more than pretty images. Eve blends creative inspiration, sensitivity to the gifts in the moment, a sense of connection to wildlife and wild-lands, and appropriate technique. Photography in her words is “a kind of walking meditation, part vision, part spiritual receptivity, part technical response.” Camera buffs will hear tips on settings and techniques, but even if your photo taking experience is limited, you will greatly enjoy hearing the stories behind Eve’s award-winning images. All are likely to find that the way they view the natural world will be expanded and enriched.  Monday, Feb 13



Join renowned local artist E.M. CORSA for an evening of drawing birds and feathers! Corsa is known for her paintings of Air Angels, birds with halos.  Students will learn a brief history of orthomancy, the ancient practice of divination through observation of birds. In many cultures, birds are considered messengers from Heaven and are seen to represent symbols in their variety and feather colors. Attendees at this class should bring a sketchpad and drawing tools of their choosing – pencils, pens, and/or markers – as well as one or more pictures of birds. Class size is limited to 8. Thursday, Feb 16



Join renowned local artist E.M. CORSA for an evening of drawing birds and feathers! Corsa is known for her paintings of Air Angels, birds with halos.  Students will learn a brief history of orthomancy, the ancient practice of divination through observation of birds. In many cultures, birds are considered messengers from Heaven and are seen to represent symbols in their variety and feather colors. Attendees at this class should bring a sketchpad and drawing tools of their choosing – pencils, pens, and/or markers – as well as one or more pictures of birds. Class size is limited to 8Tuessday, Feb 14




Local mom and grand mom PAULA MYATT offers the opportunity for students to create a standard pillowcase for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or some other special occasion, using three colorful and fun fabrics. The result would be a perfect gift for your special person, whether child, grandchild, or someone else. If you’ve ever been to The Sea Dragon Gallery in Duck, established and formerly owned by Paula, you know this lady has an eye for beautiful arts and crafts. Basic sewing skills would be helpful and you may bring your own sewing machine if desired. Class size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $8. Friday, Feb 3



Interested in sailing but never had a chance to learn how?  This class will get you started with the three most important aspects of learning to sail. AL DOUGLASS and students will work together to rig a sailboat, talk like a sailor, and figure out how to have a great day sailing. This interactive experience includes time to sit at anchor and reflect. Al is one of the leaders of the Colington Youth Sailing Program and a certified US Sail small boat instructor. He is a member of the USCG AUXILIARY, qualified crew, who learned to sail through the ASA sailing program.  He’s been cruising since 1994. Class size is limited to 20.   Wednesday, Feb 8


COURSE FILLED  Class 826 – STAINED GLASS – Two Successive Nights


SANDY BRIGGMAN started her adventure in the art of Stained Glass in 1998 and was taught by local artists Ellinor and Bob Nick in Wanchese. She has created numerous pieces that you can find all around the Outer Banks, even overseas!  Sandy’s love of stained glass led to her teaching the craft for the past ten years in Wanchese, and now at All Saints. In this class, students will learn the “foil” method, working with glass, grinders, foil, and solder to create a stained glass sun catcher to take home after the two-night course.   The class is limited to 8 students, beginning each of the two nights at 6 PM and lasting for three hoursThere is an additional fee of $15.  Thursday Feb 23 & Friday, Feb 24




If you’ve ever considered beekeeping as a hobby, you won’t want to miss this opportunity! DENISE DEACON is president of the Outer Banks Beekeepers Guild and, with over five years of experience, has Journeyman Beekeeper Certification. Denise will educate you on honey bees and the numerous benefits humans derive from bees.  You’ll be amazed by what fascinating creatures they are! The class includes an overview of honey bee basics and an introduction to different hive styles and beekeeping equipment. Wednesday, Feb 22



SANDY FEYRER and DEB HUNTON have a combined total of 44 years of quilting experience and would love to share their expertise, art, and passion with you!  They will discuss how to get started in quilting – everything from getting the supplies you need and selecting the best fabrics, to how to connect with other quilters in our area – and then how to finish your project.  There are various ways of learning to quilt and many different styles of quilting.  No sewing machine needed.  Wednesday, Feb 15


CLASS 829 and CLASS 830 – SURF FISHING – Two Separate Classes

Anyone living on the Outer Banks knows this is a surf fishing Mecca!  The “from-heres” and the “come-heres” know what fun surf fishing can be along our coast.  Even if you’ve attended this class before or you are an experienced surf reader and fisherman, you will learn something new. STU BALDWIN, Past President of the OBX Anglers Club, will share his experience and know-how learned over 40 years, with over 30 years in competitive surf fishing! There are two classes to choose from.  Surf Fishing 101 (#829) is made easy for the family and will cover equipment, knot tying, bait and equipment choices, and how to read a beach.  Surf Fishing 202 (#830) is for the experienced angler and will cover advanced techniques in fishing for Reds, Specs, and Flounder plus equipment, rigging and bait choices. Class size is limited to 18 in each. Class 829, Tuesday Feb 7 & Class 830, Tuesday, Feb 14



Just the right hat can add a great finishing touch to a special occasion outfit!  Here’s an opportunity to have fun and make a simple yet elegant hat for Easter or Spring.  Students will take a preformed base, color to match the outfit, and design pieces to attach to the hat once it’s dried. Decorations can be made at home prior to class, or ribbons chosen to suit your taste. Join LILIAS MORRISON and opera singer DEB KASTEN, both with extensive costuming experience, for this fun class. If students know what outfit they want to complement, they are invited to bring it to class. Want netting for your hat? Deb will need to know so it can be ordered prior to class. Class size is limited to 12 with an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 8 & Friday, Feb 10




Join DONNA MORGAN, artist, teacher, and owner of Déjà New in Kitty Hawk, to explore your own “Heart Space” through mixed media on canvas.  Donna is a returning artist from prior After Dark programs, where she has led various other courses in self-expressive art. She will guide you through an enjoyable evening by helping you express your unique creativity on an 8x10 canvas. Materials are supplied. Monday, Jan 30




We are pleased that versatile local artist JAMES MELVIN will be teaching for the first time at After Dark this year, offering seven lucky students the opportunity to create art with pastels. James works with oils, acrylics, colored pencils, and pastels. By the age of ten, his desire was to become a professional artist. He obtained a BS degree in Art Education/Design from NC A&T University and operates Melvin’s Studio on the Outer Banks. Students will need to bring their own soft pastels (sets with 12 or more colors) to create bold, colorful marshlands. Pastel boards will be provided. Class size is limited to 7 with an additional fee of $5. Friday, Feb 10




MEGHAN SADLER is a professional artist and licensed art teacher with a master's degree in Art Education from VCU's School of the Arts.  In 2014 Meghan founded Local Color, an art studio in Corolla where she displays her work and holds painting classes for adults and children. Join this talented artist and teacher for her third After Dark offering.  In prior classes, Meghan guided students in creating their own interpretations of “Winter Woods” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights.”  This year, students will explore Outer Banks Seascapes and create their own 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas. The class is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $5 for supplies. Tuesday, Feb 7




JEFF LEWIS has been an amateur naturalist all his life and over the past ten plus years an accomplished and published wildlife photographer. You’ve seen his amazing photographs in many editions of the Coastland Times, among other places. Jeff leads field trips, performs breeding bird surveys, participates in and compiles Christmas Bird Counts, and writes a monthly birding column for Outer Banks Voice.   Join him for the evening and learn how to attract birds to your yard through such means as the use of native plants, various feeding methods, and water features. He’ll also share his personal guide to top spots in this area for birding.  Thursday, Feb 23




Here’s a great way to bring a smile to your face and brighten up any room.  Learn the basics of easy fresh flower arrangements, including the selection of containers, flowers and foliage.  LILIAS MORRISON, Adventurer, has been a long time flower observer and arranger in the UK, Africa, and America.  She is presently a member of the Flower Guild at All Saints. This is an ideal course for beginners or anyone wanting a fresh look at flowers!  Students will learn the basics of form, color, and texture as well as the mechanics of containers and supporting materials. Course size is limited to 12 with an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 15


CLASS 837 – BASIC FAIR ISLE KNITTING                              

Two Successive Nights


This course is designed to teach basic Fair Isle (two color) standard knitting to even beginning knitters. Join JEANNE SCHRADER, owner of Knitting Addiction, the OBX’s only full-service yarn store, for this informative two-night class.  Participants will knit a small Fair Isle bag that can be used as a change purse or phone holder. Class size is limited to 12 with an additions fee of $15. Tuesday, Feb 21 & Wednesday, Feb 22




DAWN GRAY MORAGA, artist and founder of Reddawn Designs, has been painting on the Outer Banks since 2004. Her abstract wavescapes are known for their wild colors and dripping paint. Her unique style is one of coastal modern impressionism and can be seen in galleries, shops and restaurants from Nags Head to Duck. Students in this class will paint a Ball glass jar of flowers with acrylic on an 11x14 canvas. Paint, brushes, and canvas are included in the added fee.  Class size is limited to 10 with an additional 


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