After Dark @ All Saints in 2017 After Dark 2017 has been completed Thanks for your participation!!! Watch for After Dark 2018 !!
After Dark @ All Saints in 2017 After Dark 2017 has been completedThanks for your participation!!!Watch for After Dark 2018 !!    

List of Classes




Unless otherwise noted all cooking classes begin at 6:30 PM, all other classes begin at 7:00 PM.



Feeling ready to throw a dinner party? Yes, but you have a dilemma… what to serve that won’t consume you (pun intended!) or overtax your cooking skills. Join the Faux Gourmet team from Norfolk, VA, RENEE HAMMOND and CATHY THADDEN, as they return to After Dark and serve up some faux-bulous dishes that are easy - they just look hard! These tasty recipes have been collected and savored from California to Virginia. You will leave class with a full stomach and lots of ideas for hosting your own delectable dinner party. And of course there will be a special cocktail to sample. Class size is limited to 20 with an additional $15 fee for supplies.


Thursday, Feb 2




ASHLEY COPELAND has owned the Roadside Bar and Grill since it opened in 1995.  Located in the oldest house in Duck, the restaurant has been serving great southern food and offering good times for vacationers and locals for over two decades.  In past years, Ashley and Head Chef JOE LEBLANC have offered students their secrets for Roadside’s famous Clam Chowder and their great Shrimp and Grits.  Join this class to see what the dynamic duo will cook up this year.  You won’t be disappointed – guaranteed!  Class size will be limited to 15 with an additional fee of $10 for suppliesMonday, Feb 6




JEFF and CRAIG READMAN, owners and chefs at Eastside Restaurant at Scarborough Lane in Duck, welcome you to a Pacific Rim cuisine themed feast.  The brothers will focus on fresh, regional ingredients and put a West Coast/Asian spin on them. Relatively new to the OBX restaurant scene, they bring along plenty of knowledge and experience from their time spent in Hawaii and on the West Coast. Sign up for a delicious taste of their flavorful fusion, unique to the Eastside palate. Class size is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10 for supplies. Friday, Feb 10



Salt Box Café Chef/Owners RANDOLPH and AMANDA SPRINKLE have over 35 years of experience on the restaurant scene, six of which have been on the OBX. They opened this popular restaurant on Colington Road almost three years ago. Their background includes the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and restaurant experience in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and South America. Join them as they draw on this broad experience and offer a marvelous evening preparing contemporary fresh and innovative dishes.  Class size is limited to 20.  Wednesday, Feb 8 


CLASS 804 – A HANDS-ON ASIAN EXPERIENCE                   NOTE: 6:00pm START


CAROLE and GARY KIMMEL will guide you through an evening of cooking techniques common to Asian cuisine.  For over 40 years, they have explored the different food styles and ingredients of Asia, from China to Korea to Thailand and beyond.  They love experimenting at home, have given special dinners to small groups, and have taught classes for years, including at the Stonewall Kitchens in Maine in 2015 and 2016, where they brought a New England flair to some of their Asian dishes.  This class will allow you to put your skills to the test and experience firsthand the tools and techniques that go into many Asian dishes. Since some of the recipes include ingredients (e.g., peanuts, garlic) that can be allergens, potential participants need to determine if that presents a problem for them.  The class is open to any skill level, including beginners. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cutting board and a good knife.  Class size limited to 10 with an additional fee of $15Wednesday, Feb 22



WES STEPP, owner and Executive Chef of the Red Sky restaurant in Duck for over 15 years, believes gourmet food can be not only delicious, but healthy as well!  What began for him as a childhood passion for cooking has evolved into a love affair with food.  Join Chef Wes for a special evening and learn from this experienced Outer Banks restaurateur how to create gourmet food in a healthy style.  Space is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10Friday, Feb 24


Class 806 – A TASTE OF ASIA                                                            NOTE: 6:00pm START


CAROLE and GARY KIMMEL offer this second Asian-inspired cooking class. For over 40 years, they have explored the different food styles and ingredients of Asia, from China to Korea to Thailand and beyond.  They love experimenting at home, have given special dinners to small groups, and have taught classes for many years, including recent sessions at Maine’s Stonewall Kitchen. This class will include demonstrations of several dishes, including appetizers, entrees and dessert.  You’ll be testing your skills at using chop sticks! Some dishes will include ingredients (e.g., peanuts, garlic) that can be allergens, so participants will have to determine if that is too risky for them. The class is open to any skill level. Class size is limited to 15, with an additional fee of $15. Wednesday, Feb 15 




Join Agave Roja’s Chef/Owner for another Mexican styled feast. In past After Dark offerings he has prepared Red Mole and Chile Con Carne in the style of Oaxaca.  In this class, JOHN MARMANN promises students an exceptional meal of slow roasted, adobo-marinated spare ribs, with citrus slaw and chimichurri. Chef John has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of locales, including St John’s USVI, Scottsdale, AZ, and New York City. Class size is limited to 20 students with an additional fee of $10. Tuesday, Feb 21




Here’s your chance to enjoy a wonderful evening in the kitchen with SCOTT FOSTER, Executive Chef and co-owner of Coastal Provisions in Southern Shores, as well as Coastal Cravings and Coastal Cantina in Duck. A Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts graduate, Scott will give students a view of kitchen fun as he reprises a dish featured on Guy Fieri’s popular Food TV show, Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. Any skill level will benefit from this class. Come hungry! Class size is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10.  Thursday, Feb 16




With current health trends and often environmental concerns in mind, many people are choosing to eat less meat and a more plant based diet.  Join ANGEL DOEBLER to explore some great recipe staples and key cooking techniques to become a more plant-based eater. Expect to enjoy wine while participating in cooking your dinner. Chef Angel has a long history of restaurant work, from the back to the front of the house and in many diverse settings. Her Outer Banks experience includes time at Ocean Boulevard and she is presently on the management team at Coastal Cravings in Duck. Class size is limited to 14 with an additional fee of $10. Monday, Feb 13




A quart of cream, a little sugar, a dozen eggs, and two pounds of butter – it has to be good! Using simple ingredients and her magical talents, ETTA LANUTI will teach how to make Meringue Buttercream, the queen of frostings, as well as Crème Brule.  This gifted cook is an experienced baker at Coastal Provisions in Southern Shores where she turns out rolls, breads, desserts, pastries, and all manner of other goodies.  (You should try her bread pudding!)  She studied at the Peter Kumf School in NYC before relocating to the Outer Banks. Each participant should bring six unfrosted cupcakes, to be transformed into a taste of heaven!  Space is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $5. Monday, Feb 20



Last year this former restaurateur, grandmother, and mother of two Outer Banks restaurant owners taught the preparation of traditional Moussaka to participants in her class.  Students were treated to a rich experience and mouthwatering baking results!  Now “KIKI” KIOUSIS is back to offer instruction in preparing Avgolemono, a classic Greek soup made with eggs, lemons, and chicken. You will enjoy this delicious dish almost as much as the charm Kiki brings to the kitchen.  Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $10.  Tuesday, Feb 14



Enjoy the kitchen creativity of Executive Chef MATT PAYNE as he prepares the Bad Bean Baja Grill’s Pork Belly Taco!  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Matt has been cooking professionally for over 18 years and has been honored with Best in Show, Chef’s Choice award at Taste of the Beach. Students will learn how this popular pork cut is prepared, and then savor its taste with flavorful accompaniments. Space is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $5.  Friday, Feb 3




If you were lucky enough last year to taste the Risotto, then you’ll want to return and enjoy Metropolis’ Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Bisque. Join MARK ANTHONY on his third adventure with After Dark. Mark previously owned Nicoletta's Italian Restaurant in Corolla and has now been co-owner and executive chef of Metropolis for the past nine years. The class will have home cooks creating restaurant quality soup to please any palate! Space is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10. Tuesday, Feb 7




RICHARD BRUCE, co-owner of Pigman’s Bar-B-Que in Kill Devil Hills, is a long time supporter of non-profits on the Outer Banks and currently serves as President of the Beach Food Pantry. While you might expect him to offer a cooking class paralleling his restaurant’s identity, you are in for a surprise!  He will be offering a reprise of his very successful Italian Family Dinner from last year. Mamma mia - you will love the experience and the flavors!  Space is limited to 20 students. Wednesday, Feb 1




Are you ready to make a New Orleans treat with just the right touch of spiciness that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner? How about an appetizer that your family and friends will rave about? Here’s your chance. Parishioners who attend coffee hour after the 8:30 AM service at All Saints are familiar with this delicious offering – it’s always a big hit! You’ll learn what ingredients are used and how to put it all together. Join ARLINE ARNOLD for a fun and tasty evening in the kitchen. Class size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $10.  Thursday, Feb 9


COURSE FILLED  CLASS 816 – A  NIGHT IN VIETNAM                                    



You might be greeted with “Chào mừng!” when you enter Corolla’s Buddha’Licious. TODD BRYANT, Owner/Chef of this popular East Asian restaurant, has an International Studies degree from UNC and over 20 years of experience in restaurants. He has also been with Chili Peppers, Outer Banks Brewing Station, and Ocean Boulevard. His last two After Dark offerings were Burmese curry and Tikka Masala; this year, he will prepare an upscale version of a traditional Vietnamese dinner.  Space is limited to 20 students and there is an additional fee of $10 for supplies. Monday, Jan 30




Since 2002, BILL TUCKER has been providing outstanding lunches and dinners as the owner/operator of the extremely popular Kill Devil Grill. After Dark is excited to have him in this year’s program, where he will offer his version of “Gumbo.” If you have had the pleasure of eating a meal at his restaurant, you know the food will be tastefully prepared and richly flavorful. Don’t miss this event! Class size is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10. Thursday, Feb 23




Last year, many students had great fun decorating gourds and learning to dye using plants from this experienced gardener and craftsperson. This class will be a hands-on project taught by Dare Master Gardeners MARY KEITH LILLY and CHRISTINE STADTHER.  Students will create a desert dish garden using provided containers, soil, and plants. This course has recently been offered at the Baum Center and proved quite popular. Along with creating the dish garden, participants will learn about cultural requirements for succulents. This class will fill up fast! Class size is limited to 14 with an additional fee of $12. Thursday, Feb 9



Local Landscape Architect JIM CONNERS returns to After Dark to offer a class exploring the use of native plants in our local environment. Jim has worked in site planning, parks and recreation design, landscape design and consulting for over 30 years, with 22 of those on the Outer Banks.  He will present a wealth of information that includes examples of plants considered native to our area, the pros and cons of using them, where they can be obtained, and which natives do best in each of the different micro-zones, stretching from sound-side to oceanfront. Tuesday, Feb 14




For award winning local photographer EVE TUREK, Mindful Nature Photography involves more than pretty images. Eve blends creative inspiration, sensitivity to the gifts in the moment, a sense of connection to wildlife and wild-lands, and appropriate technique. Photography in her words is “a kind of walking meditation, part vision, part spiritual receptivity, part technical response.” Camera buffs will hear tips on settings and techniques, but even if your photo taking experience is limited, you will greatly enjoy hearing the stories behind Eve’s award-winning images. All are likely to find that the way they view the natural world will be expanded and enriched.  Monday, Feb 13




Join renowned local artist E.M. CORSA for an evening of drawing birds and feathers! Corsa is known for her paintings of Air Angels, birds with halos.  Students will learn a brief history of orthomancy, the ancient practice of divination through observation of birds. In many cultures, birds are considered messengers from Heaven and are seen to represent symbols in their variety and feather colors. Attendees at this class should bring a sketchpad and drawing tools of their choosing – pencils, pens, and/or markers – as well as one or more pictures of birds. Class size is limited to 8. Thursday, Feb 16




Join renowned local artist E.M. CORSA for an evening of drawing birds and feathers! Corsa is known for her paintings of Air Angels, birds with halos.  Students will learn a brief history of orthomancy, the ancient practice of divination through observation of birds. In many cultures, birds are considered messengers from Heaven and are seen to represent symbols in their variety and feather colors. Attendees at this class should bring a sketchpad and drawing tools of their choosing – pencils, pens, and/or markers – as well as one or more pictures of birds. Class size is limited to 8Tuesday, Feb 14



Local mom and grand mom PAULA MYATT offers the opportunity for students to create a standard pillowcase for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or some other special occasion, using three colorful and fun fabrics. The result would be a perfect gift for your special person, whether child, grandchild, or someone else. If you’ve ever been to The Sea Dragon Gallery in Duck, established and formerly owned by Paula, you know this lady has an eye for beautiful arts and crafts. Basic sewing skills would be helpful and you may bring your own sewing machine if desired. Class size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $8. Friday, Feb 3



Interested in sailing but never had a chance to learn how?  This class will get you started with the three most important aspects of learning to sail. AL DOUGLASS and students will work together to rig a sailboat, talk like a sailor, and figure out how to have a great day sailing. This interactive experience includes time to sit at anchor and reflect. Al is one of the leaders of the Colington Youth Sailing Program and a certified US Sail small boat instructor. He is a member of the USCG AUXILIARY, qualified crew, who learned to sail through the ASA sailing program.  He’s been cruising since 1994. Class size is limited to 20.   Wednesday, Feb 8


COURSE FILLED  Class 826 – STAINED GLASS – Two Successive Nights


SANDY BRIGGMAN started her adventure in the art of Stained Glass in 1998 and was taught by local artists Ellinor and Bob Nick in Wanchese. She has created numerous pieces that you can find all around the Outer Banks, even overseas!  Sandy’s love of stained glass led to her teaching the craft for the past ten years in Wanchese, and now at All Saints. In this class, students will learn the “foil” method, working with glass, grinders, foil, and solder to create a stained glass sun catcher to take home after the two-night course.   The class is limited to 8 students, beginning each of the two nights at 6 PM and lasting for three hoursThere is an additional fee of $15.  Thursday Feb 23 & Friday, Feb 24




If you’ve ever considered beekeeping as a hobby, you won’t want to miss this opportunity! DENISE DEACON is president of the Outer Banks Beekeepers Guild and, with over five years of experience, has Journeyman Beekeeper Certification. Denise will educate you on honey bees and the numerous benefits humans derive from bees.  You’ll be amazed by what fascinating creatures they are! The class includes an overview of honey bee basics and an introduction to different hive styles and beekeeping equipment. Wednesday, Feb 22



SANDY FEYRER and DEB HUNTON have a combined total of 44 years of quilting experience and would love to share their expertise, art, and passion with you!  They will discuss how to get started in quilting – everything from getting the supplies you need and selecting the best fabrics, to how to connect with other quilters in our area – and then how to finish your project.  There are various ways of learning to quilt and many different styles of quilting.  No sewing machine needed.  Wednesday, Feb 15


CLASS 829 and CLASS 830 – SURF FISHING – Two Separate Classes

Anyone living on the Outer Banks knows this is a surf fishing Mecca!  The “from-heres” and the “come-heres” know what fun surf fishing can be along our coast.  Even if you’ve attended this class before or you are an experienced surf reader and fisherman, you will learn something new. STU BALDWIN, Past President of the OBX Anglers Club, will share his experience and know-how learned over 40 years, with over 30 years in competitive surf fishing! There are two classes to choose from.  Surf Fishing 101 (#829) is made easy for the family and will cover equipment, knot tying, bait and equipment choices, and how to read a beach.  Surf Fishing 202 (#830) is for the experienced angler and will cover advanced techniques in fishing for Reds, Specs, and Flounder plus equipment, rigging and bait choices. Class size is limited to 18 in each. Class 829, Tuesday Feb 7 & Class 830, Tuesday, Feb 14



Just the right hat can add a great finishing touch to a special occasion outfit!  Here’s an opportunity to have fun and make a simple yet elegant hat for Easter or Spring.  Students will take a preformed base, color to match the outfit, and design pieces to attach to the hat once it’s dried. Decorations can be made at home prior to class, or ribbons chosen to suit your taste. Join LILIAS MORRISON and opera singer DEB KASTEN, both with extensive costuming experience, for this fun class. If students know what outfit they want to complement, they are invited to bring it to class. Want netting for your hat? Deb will need to know so it can be ordered prior to class. Class size is limited to 12 with an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 8 & Friday, Feb 10


Join DONNA MORGAN, artist, teacher, and owner of Déjà New in Kitty Hawk, to explore your own “Heart Space” through mixed media on canvas.  Donna is a returning artist from prior After Dark programs, where she has led various other courses in self-expressive art. She will guide you through an enjoyable evening by helping you express your unique creativity on an 8x10 canvas. Materials are supplied. Monday, Jan 30




We are pleased that versatile local artist JAMES MELVIN will be teaching for the first time at After Dark this year, offering seven lucky students the opportunity to create art with pastels. James works with oils, acrylics, colored pencils, and pastels. By the age of ten, his desire was to become a professional artist. He obtained a BS degree in Art Education/Design from NC A&T University and operates Melvin’s Studio on the Outer Banks. Students will need to bring their own soft pastels (sets with 12 or more colors) to create bold, colorful marshlands. Pastel boards will be provided. Class size is limited to 7 with an additional fee of $5. Friday, Feb 10




MEGHAN SADLER is a professional artist and licensed art teacher with a master's degree in Art Education from VCU's School of the Arts.  In 2014 Meghan founded Local Color, an art studio in Corolla where she displays her work and holds painting classes for adults and children. Join this talented artist and teacher for her third After Dark offering.  In prior classes, Meghan guided students in creating their own interpretations of “Winter Woods” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Nights.”  This year, students will explore Outer Banks Seascapes and create their own 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas. The class is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $5 for supplies. Tuesday, Feb 7




JEFF LEWIS has been an amateur naturalist all his life and over the past ten plus years an accomplished and published wildlife photographer. You’ve seen his amazing photographs in many editions of the Coastland Times, among other places. Jeff leads field trips, performs breeding bird surveys, participates in and compiles Christmas Bird Counts, and writes a monthly birding column for Outer Banks Voice.   Join him for the evening and learn how to attract birds to your yard through such means as the use of native plants, various feeding methods, and water features. He’ll also share his personal guide to top spots in this area for birding.  Thursday, Feb 23




Here’s a great way to bring a smile to your face and brighten up any room.  Learn the basics of easy fresh flower arrangements, including the selection of containers, flowers and foliage.  LILIAS MORRISON, Adventurer, has been a long time flower observer and arranger in the UK, Africa, and America.  She is presently a member of the Flower Guild at All Saints. This is an ideal course for beginners or anyone wanting a fresh look at flowers!  Students will learn the basics of form, color, and texture as well as the mechanics of containers and supporting materials. Course size is limited to 12 with an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 15


CLASS 837 – BASIC FAIR ISLE KNITTING                               Two Successive Nights


This course is designed to teach basic Fair Isle (two color) standard knitting to even beginning knitters. Join JEANNE SCHRADER, owner of Knitting Addiction, the OBX’s only full-service yarn store, for this informative two-night class.  Participants will knit a small Fair Isle bag that can be used as a change purse or phone holder. Class size is limited to 12 with an additions fee of $15. Tuesday, Feb 21 & Wednesday, Feb 22




DAWN GRAY MORAGA, artist and founder of Reddawn Designs, has been painting on the Outer Banks since 2004. Her abstract wavescapes are known for their wild colors and dripping paint. Her unique style is one of coastal modern impressionism and can be seen in galleries, shops and restaurants from Nags Head to Duck. Students in this class will paint a Ball glass jar of flowers with acrylic on an 11x14 canvas. Paint, brushes, and canvas are included in the added fee.  Class size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $25. Monday, Feb 20







DYANNE KELLEY describes herself as a psychotherapist, writer, mind-body healer and irreverent guide to your Holy, Wholly, Holey Self! She is the creator of The Holey Path to Holy Living: A Seven Step Guide to Transformational Healing from the Inside Out. Through her on-line personal growth business,, she helps women heal and find meaning and purpose. Students will discover tools to use as they explore themselves and their relationships through journal writing techniques. No writing experience is necessary. Monday, Jan 30




Reflexology is more than just a foot rub.  It’s the methodical application of pressure to points on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands that correspond to areas of human anatomy and physiology such as the spine, circulatory, cardio-pulmonary, digestive and endocrine systems. This session is for individuals who would like to like to learn the very basics of reflexology so that they can use this technique on themselves. Students will learn about foot and hand reflexology charts, relaxation techniques, the basics of locating and using pressure points, and the use of reflexology props. There will be opportunity to use common tools for foot and hand manipulation. MARTY HAMED, owner of Sole Work Reflexology, took up reflexology in retirement as a route to something entirely new in her life. She is a National Board Certified Reflexologist (ARCB), a member of the National Reflexology Association of America, and the NC Association of Reflexology. She is also a certified Level II Reiki practitioner. Course size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $1. Wednesday, Feb 15




One of the challenges to aging on our Outer Banks is knowing the choices available for assisted care. ELLIE WARD was Home Health and Hospice Nursing Director of the Dare County Department of Public Health for nearly 20 years. She is now working with Vidant Health to develop systems to support health and aging.  Join Ellie for invaluable information on how to age well and plan ahead so that you can remain at home for as long as possible. If placement does become necessary, Ellie offers guidance on finding reputable assisted or skilled living facilities.   Tuesday, Feb 2




It’s important to proactively talk and learn about long term care options while there’s time to choose what might be the best fit for you.  JOHN FRICKER, a retired attorney and former OBX resident who has extensively explored available care options, and is now “living and loving the life” in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Join John for an overview of prolonged independent living options in retirement, including CCRCs. Tuesday, Feb 21




TANYA BARKLEY-GRAHAM has been a yoga student for more than 10 years and has taught at Outer Banks Yoga for over three years. A full time Licensed Clinical Social worker, Tanya has come to value yoga as an important part of her life. This course introduces “hatha vinyasa” yoga for beginners. Students will need to bring their own yoga mat to class. Wednesday, Feb 8


CLASS 845 – FAMILY & FRIENDS CPR – Saturday Morning Class


This course could be literally a matter of life and death. You never know when you might be in a situation in which having the skill and confidence to apply CPR could indeed save a life! The class is offered by two Southern Shores Volunteer Firemen who are trained and certified in AHA CPR. Join ANDY MOYNAHAN and PAUL CAGIANO for this special Saturday morning course beginning at 9:30 AM. Class size is limited to 12 students. Saturday, Feb 25




AMY DOUGHERTY, a licensed Physical Therapist with over 25 years of practice experience in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, is the owner of Outer Banks Physical Therapy in Kitty Hawk.  Offering valuable information for everyone from athletes to quilters, this class will review the anatomy of the shoulder, common ailments, and helpful interventions.  Students will benefit from hands-on attention, an impactful PowerPoint presentation, and discussion.   Wednesday, Feb 22






“There is no dance more associated with the South than shagging and there is no place more accommodating to shagging than the South. Learning to shag is learning to be a Southerner. It’s learning to hear the ocean in your head and the music in your step. It’s learning to bend your knees, relax your shoulders, and shuffle, slide and spin while The Embers sing about wise men and falling in love.” All that and good exercise too!  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, come join local Shag dancers BETH and LEE WRENN, who will share their joy of the dance and teach you shagging, Southern style. Wear leather bottom shoes or socks, no tennis-type shoes. Thursday, Feb 9



The Texas Two-Step, a dance with historical roots in European and Mexican dance, appeared in Germany and Hungary in the 1800s.  Similar steps danced at Mexican fandangos were also an influence. Members of this fun class will learn to do a basic two-step and some advanced steps, as well as Country and Western dance floor etiquette.  Couples and singles are invited to join long-time Two-Steppers MURRAY and CHRIS ROSS and learn various dance positions, including an open position with the lead's right hand on the follower's left shoulder; a closed position with no space between the partners; and a closed overhand position in which the lead wraps the left forearm over the follower's right forearm and clasps hands with the palm against the back of the follower's hand.  Got that? Don’t worry! The class will adjust to the experience level of students and everyone will have fun! Wednesday, Feb 1



Having been in the business of “putting the right book in the right hands at the right time” for fifteen years,  JAMIE ANDEERSON, bookseller at Duck’s Cottage and Downtown Books in Manteo, eats, lives and breathes books and loves introducing readers to books they otherwise might never have discovered. She invites participants in this class to “take a chance and join a special, one time only blind date book club!” Before the scheduled class date, participants will find out what book they will be reading and discussing. The selection will be a fairly new paperback, something that may not have gotten the attention or acclaim it deserved, and most likely something you never would have picked up on your own.  The $10 fee covers the cost of the book, which will be delivered to All Saints for pick-up. This could be the best (and least stressful!) blind date you ever had! There is an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 8




Returning for his second offering on classical music, DWIGHT DAVIS presents a lively class with a surprising title.  Dwight has been a classical radio announcer for over 40 years and is currently the Program Director for full-time classical public radio WHRO-FM out of Norfolk. It turns out, ironically, that some of the greatest and ultimately most popular compositions met with chilly receptions at their premieres. Indeed, some pieces by the likes of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky were decried as being unlistenable, vulgar and cheap, and that’s just for starters!  Enjoy an evening of great music and misguided critical commentary, an entertaining overview of specially selected classical music.  Friday, Feb 3




In this bestselling and delightfully quirky debut novel from Sweden, a grumpy yet lovable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door. Meet Ove. He’s a curmudgeon—the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People call him “the bitter neighbour from hell.” Behind the cranky exterior, however, there is a story and a sadness. It’s also a comical and heart-warming tale of unkempt cats, unexpected friendship, and the fine art of backing up a U-Haul – all  of which will rattle one cranky old man and a local residents’ association to their very foundations. A feel-good story in the spirit of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Fredrik Backman’s novel is a thoughtful and charming exploration of the profound impact one life has on countless others. Join ELLEN NEWSOM for a lively and interactive discussion. Ellen has over 25 years of experience teaching college composition and literature and will lead a fascinating review of this novel and its components of theme, setting, narration, plot and characters.  Monday, Feb 13 




ROBERT JACOBS has been a professional musician for more than 50 years. Although he plays in various styles and genres, jazz is his number one favorite. This evening will be about enjoying and appreciating the various jazz styles and jazz musicians from Brazil and Latin America. Students will gain an appreciation of the similarities and differences in the two jazz genres. Tuesday, Feb 7




This class will present an introduction to witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America. Participants will share in investigating theories that try to explain these phenomena. DR. LIN LOGAN received her PhD in Education and History from the University of Hawaii and did post-doctoral research at the College of William and Mary.  She is a retired professor of US History and Women’s History at Virginia Wesleyan University. Join her for an enlightening look back into some of the stranger periods in our history. Monday, Feb 6




Many people dream of starting their own small business, but the challenge seems daunting at first.  There are currently over 118 million home-based businesses operating in America, accounting for over 10% of our GNP. BOB BURK, in addition to managing a successful corporate career for over 30 years, has started and owned home-based as well as brick and mortar businesses, including a microbrewery, antique shop, and motel. He currently serves as Chairman of the Outer Banks Chapter of SCORE, the volunteer business counseling partners of the Small Business Administration. In this course, Bob will lead a “Discovery Tour” exploring the possibilities of an economical yet profitable home-based business. Come learn about a host of business options, the pros and cons of a home-based business, and the personal commitments needed to be your own boss – and be successful!  This may give you just the boost in knowledge and confidence you need to move forward with those dreams! Wednesday, Feb 1




Take this opportunity to join a Civil War buff to look into one of the most misunderstood periods of American history – Reconstruction following the American Civil War. SPOTTSWOOD GRAVES grew up within miles of the Chancellorsville and Wilderness battlefields in Virginia and has read extensively on the struggle.  He will present an examination of the immense significance Reconstruction held for our life and political decisions, even to this day. Gain an understanding of Army actions, political decisions, and civilian responses from 1865 to 1876, particularly in North Carolina. Monday, Feb 6 & Tuesday,

Feb 7


CLASS 859 – CENTURIES OF BEAUTY, PRAYER, AND GRACE – Two Successive Nights     


Terrorism, war, hatred and violence continue unabated in the news of the world. From the Mideast to Europe, to Asia and Africa, to our own land, there are repeating images of Radical Islamists. Yet Islam has produced beauty and developed spirituality for centuries. This class will examine those greater aspects, led by IGNACIO GÖTZ, BA, MA, BD, PhD, Laurence Stessin Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Teaching Fellow at New College, Hofstra University.  Dr. Götz has over 50 years of experience examining this provocative subject.  If you have participated in any of his prior course offerings, you know to expect a highly informative, lively and engaging discussion.  Monday, Jan 30 & Tuesday, Jan 31



Hand and Foot is a Canasta-type card game played by four people, two sets of partners.  Players are dealt two stacks of cards ("the Hand" and "the Foot").  The "Hand" must be played before the "Foot" is used.  The object is to get the most points by making canastas and using all the cards in one's hand and foot.  Play continues up to a score of 10,000 points, with the meld increasing with each round.  "Hand and Foot" can be enjoyed by everyone from teen through adult.  You’ll see how playing cards, a few friends, and maybe a glass of wine can be the mix for a great evening – and you'll be hooked!  Join SALLY and JACK MYERS to learn this game that’s a barrel of fun.  Tuesday, Jan 31



What do you know about the history of the IRS Form 1040? More importantly, perhaps, do you know how to minimize your tax liability as part of your annual Form 1040 reporting process? BOB LOGAN serves as our local AARP Tax Guide Supervisor and has been helping folks, especially seniors, for many years. In addition to being a CPA, Bob has operated a private business locally and provides tax counseling to clients of the Outer Banks Chapter of SCORE, the all volunteer business counseling partners of the Small Business Administration. Your time will be well spent and you just might discover some valuable money saving ideas. Tuesday, Feb21



2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the opening of Paul Green’s THE LOST COLONY, but the story begins well before that opening night in 1937.  Join the production’s associate producer for a look back at how the production came to be, its history, and how the show comes together today.  Photos spanning those 80 years will be shared as part of this session. LANCE CULPEPPER, Associate Producer of THE LOST COLONY, is beginning his tenth year as a staff member with the production.  He worked in television for nine years as a costumer for programming aired on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and TLC prior to his work with THE LOST COLONY. Wednesday, Feb 1


CLASS 863 - iPHONE BASICS and CLASS 864 - iPAD BASICS – Two Separate Classes

Want to more effectively use and enjoy your iPhone or iPad?  Join TOM ODOM, an Outer Banks resident with over 30 years of experience with IBM and a Masters degree in Technology, for a practical users’ course on how to get the most out of your device with both the system features (such as password, control panel, cell/wi-fi, etc.) and applications (contacts, safari, music, etc.).  Classes will focus on students’ needs and requirements as well as resolving issues, so bring all your questions, along with your iPhones and iPads, to class with you! Each class is limited to 12. Class 863, Thursday, Feb 2; Class 864, Friday, Feb 3



This is a separate class offering from TOM ODOM, which builds on information presented in the iPHONE and iPAD basic courses and is designed to help slightly more advanced users to more fully enjoy the capabilities of their devices.  Instruction will focus on app categories such as music, reading, and video genres, as well as specific apps and the use of the app and itunes stores. Class size is limited to 12. Thursday, Feb 9



This class will present a fascinating look at clothing from the Elizabethan era taught by JOAN BRUMBACH, designer and head of construction for Elizabeth R & Co. With a BA in Theatre from the University of Richmond, Joan has an extensive background in theatre and costume design. In addition to designing for theatres, charity balls, and political conventions, she was the Designer/Owner of Backstage, Inc. for 18 years. Students will learn interesting facts about life during this time period, reasons for certain clothing choices, shortcuts for building a costume, and notes about “sumptuary laws.” Two participants, one male and one female, will “volunteer” to dress in period style. Monday, Jan 30




If you have ever attended a presentation by RHANA PARIS at the NC Aquarium in Manteo, you know how delightfully engaging, enlightening, and entertaining the event can be!  Rhana is currently the Outreach Coordinator at the Aquarium, with over 20 years of experience as a naturalist and 17 years as a Dare County Master Gardener. In this course, Rhana will provide an introductory view of stargazing—what is known about the stars, stories about the constellations, how to find your way around the sky, and also suggestions about how to enjoy the total eclipse this coming summer. Tuesday, Jan 31   




Nowadays, everyone needs a computer and most people have one.  The problem is that not everyone knows what to do with the computer once they have it.  This class will give participants an opportunity to learn from two IT Professionals, DAVID MAIN, Director of Information Systems at Saint Patrick Catholic School in Norfolk, VA, and his brother BRIAN MAIN, Database Analyst and IT Consultant at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  They will address those nagging issues such as how do I keep from getting a virus, how can I send a picture to my son overseas, or why do I get so much junk email.  The class will be custom tailored to the students attending, so bring your own questions and concerns!  Students will receive a handout and a disc of utilities and free programs to help keep their computers safe and more productive.  Please bring a notebook and writing implement. Class size is limited to 12  Friday, Feb 17




The world of cheese is big and just getting bigger! With the choices that abound, approaching a cheese counter or even the display at your local grocery store can be daunting. This course will give you the know-how you need to select a cheese with confidence. You’ll learn about eight styles of cheese and the characteristics of each, making it easier to find and try those varieties you’re most likely to love.

Wine will accompany the tasting.  Presenter JENNIFER MINNICH is an owner of Trio in Kitty Hawk, responsible for running the cheese program and overseeing the restaurant. She is a member of the American Cheese Society and, if you’ve been to Trio, you know she understands good cheese!  Class size is limited to 16 with an additional fee of $10. Monday, Feb 20




KENNY HYMAN, an owner and wine buyer of TRIO in Kitty Hawk, has been in the business of wine on the Outer Banks since 2003. His retail shop is an inviting locale for folks to enjoy wines from all over the world.  This course will be a recap and tasting of wines from vineyards Kenny visited on a trade trip to Italy in September, covering many regions of central and northern Italy. There will be lots of good wine to accompany good stories of meeting wine makers and winery owners!  Class size is limited to 18 with an additional fee of $10. Wednesday, Feb 22




Do you find shopping for craft beer confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Join JOHN MINNICH, Proprietor and Beermonger for TRIO in Kitty Hawk, to learn some of the basics of beer styles. Students will enjoy tasting and exploring flavors of various beers to understand some of the basic differences between ales and lagers, American and English hops, and more. A good time will be had by all and you will feel a little more confident the next time you mix a six-pack. Class size is limited to 15 with an additional fee of $10. Thursday, Feb 23



For many of us, buying a car is an unpleasant experience in which we may feel vulnerable to being taken advantage of.  If you are contemplating a vehicle purchase, you need this course!  DAVID FEYRER, Renaissance Man, is a retired Episcopal Priest, Electronics Genius, AND a retired executive from the retail automobile business. He developed one of the first true auto malls in the country and brings a wealth of experience on the intricacies of an automobile “deal” from behind the scenes. The class will look at buying and leasing both new and used cars.  Here is a man you can trust!  Thursday, Feb 16




Are you dreaming of a makeover for your kitchen?  Would you like to scrap what you have now and start with something new and better?  Sign up for this course, taught by TERRY TALBERT, owner of Esprit Design (, a local business offering architectural, interior design, and décor services.  Terry worked with clients in San Francisco and the DC area prior to establishing her business on the Outer Banks.  Students will spend time on the design and functionality of kitchens, both in new construction and renovation.  Terry will provide a roadmap for a kitchen project; look at functional design and floor plans; consider countertops, cabinets, flooring and walls; and offer insights on project management. Students are invited to bring a “challenge” to class; three of these will be selected to address for success. Class size is limited to14.  Friday, Feb 17   




Ever wonder what to do with all that stuff you found in the attic, or “treasures” inherited from ”Aunt Jenny?” This class is a beginner’s guide to determining if something has value, is collectable, or is just “cool.” BETSY and BREWSTER BROWN have been owners of B&B Antiques in Kitty Hawk for the past eight years. They will be joined by life-long buyer and seller of antiques, MIKE BOWER, to provide lots of helpful hints on easy ways to research pieces online. Feel free to bring an item you wonder about and a laptop or tablet if you have one, for hands-on experience to get you started! Class size is limited to 20. Tuesday, Feb 21   



This course presents an overview of social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest – and how each platform is used. In addition, students will gain an understanding of safe computing, using anti-virus software, and methods to detect dangerous attachments or websites to keep your information and computer safe.  VICTORIA JACKSON is a Digital Marketing Project Manager with Paveya, the local company that designs websites and provides inbound marketing services including social media management, blog writing, SEO, and email marketing on a national level specializing in Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, Home Building and Travel and Tourism industries. She is also associated with VBL, which provides IT services, computer repairs, data backup services and networking solutions to area businesses and individuals.  Tuesday, Jan 31




Always an engaging topic, genealogy has captured people’s imagination and curiosity for generations.  Presenter LARRY PROCTOR has spent over 40 years pursuing this hobby.  With the rapid advance of digital technology, the internet has blown wide open the possibilities for those exploring their past. Join Larry for an educational look into the “how to.”  As some say, if you don’t know where you came from then you really don’t know who you are. Class size is limited to 10 students. Monday, Feb 13




Much has been written and discussed about the history of the first English settlers on Roanoke Island. We all know about Paul Green’s famous outdoor drama, but here’s an opportunity to learn about an alternative to Green’s “history.” The Croatan Archaeological Society was founded in 2009 by SCOTT DAWSON and has as its primary purpose exploring the history of Croatan, present-day Hatteras Island. The Society uses modern archaeological methods and has as its utmost priority the protection of the native people and property owners. Spend an evening with Scott and his wife Maggie to hear their provocative views on what may have actually happened to the Lost Colony. Friday, Feb 24


CLASS 878 – WINE 101


Join Chef and Certified Level II Sommelier DAN LEWIS of Coastal Provisions for a crash course on wine. Discover the differences between grape varieties, regions, and values that make the world of wine such an enjoyable and endless adventure. The class will be packed with information from how wine is made, regional characteristics, and food pairings, to deciphering labels and restaurant wine lists.  Best of all, you will taste while you discover.  Plan on having dinner before class –it’s a “big agenda!” Class size is limited to 24 students with an additional fee of $10 for supplies. Thursday, Feb 3




Founded in 2001, Sanctuary Vineyards was named North Carolina Winegrower of the Year in 2015 and has won more than 100 medals. Sanctuary Vineyards creates a range of white, red, and rosé wines based on the dryer European-style wines. Tasting Room Manager, ELTON SINGLETARY, will present wines based on newer blending and aging methods. Crisp whites, bold rosés and challenging reds compliment Carolina coastal cuisine. Class size is limited to20 with an additional fee of $10.  Thursday, Feb 16



CRAIG PEEL is a retired clergyperson in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who for over a decade has operated a small home repair business on the Outer Banks with his son-in-law. They have completed all manner of internal and external home repairs, both minor and extensive. BOB RICHE, a retired Naval Officer and business executive, has the distinction of having made just about every mistake possible in home maintenance and can provide guidance on how to avoid making these same mistakes.  Between the two of them, class participants can’t help but gain a lot of valuable information!  There will be instruction on how to carry out lots of routine maintenance tasks (some of which you didn’t even realize you should be doing!), as well as potential problem areas to watch out for. Topics will include vacation preparation; care of floors; heating and cooling; kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms; interior and exterior walls; roofing; and mold remediation.  This will be an interactive class with time provided for questions. Class-size is limited to 20. Friday, Feb 24




Using Yupo paper's slick surface with water colors is a relaxing and fun way to create your masterpiece and/or to surprise yourself with shapes and colors appearing on the paper. After a brief time to let the paint dry, your creation is just beginning!  You will see several ways other artists have used Yupo techniques to produce different outcomes.  Students will learn to create beautiful Yupo water colors in this hands-on, enjoyable creative session led by FRAN PEEL, retired Presbyterian clergy, social worker, wife, mother and grandmother, who has been involved in watercolors for over 50 years. Class-size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $10. Friday, Feb 24




Using Yupo paper's slick surface with water colors is a relaxing and fun way to create your masterpiece and/or to surprise yourself with shapes and colors appearing on the paper. After a brief time to let the paint dry, your creation is just beginning!  You will see several ways other artists have used Yupo techniques to produce different outcomes.  Students will learn to create beautiful Yupo water colors in this hands-on, enjoyable creative session led by FRAN PEEL, retired Presbyterian clergy, social worker, wife, mother and grandmother, who has been involved in watercolors for over 50 years. Class-size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $10. Friday, Feb 17


Class 882 – MAH JONGG                        TWO AFTERNOON CLASSES


While there are many versions of the history and origin of this classic game, it has been popular throughout the world for many years.  Interestingly, the game was banned by the government of the People's Republic of China when it took power in 1949; the new Communist government forbade any gambling activities, which were regarded as symbols of capitalist corruption.  It has since been revived there.  Now you can join two dedicated players of the game and have fun learning what has attracted them to weekly games for two years.  CHARLOTTE ROSS and CHICK RAFFA will lead this afternoon session.  Classes are from  2:00 pm to 4pm and are limited to 16.  Monday, Jan 30 and Wednesday, Feb 1



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